Denys Carrier, RN - Former Leader Emergency Preparedness - Providence Health Care (PHC)
“TecKnowledg-e Learning (TLI) exceeded PHC’s expectations through their extremely professional and creative approach. TLI designed and
developed a very engaging and well-received Health Emergency Management Education and Training Program for our 6,000+ employees. Linda
Waddell’s team brought invaluable problem-solving abilities and a wealth of experience to every level of this complex project. Linda provides
dynamic leadership to her team, and went well beyond expectations."

TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc. is a Performance and Learning Consulting Company

With technology drastically changing the way that we conduct business, like, global competition in the marketplace means that employee performance is a key factor to success.

TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc. aligns business strategies with performance requirements to ensure you reach and surpass your goals for business achievement.

The focus at TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc. is to assist organizations that are considering implementing distributed learning strategies and solutions. We achieve this by focusing on performance improvement through the design, development, maintenance, and sustainability of high quality e-learning solutions.

TecKnowledg-e Learning, Inc. strives to be the choice of organizations wanting to achieve the goal of improved human performance, thus improving business results and improving organizational effectiveness. We recognize that getting results is about people, and we value our client relationships. Our aim is to build self-sufficiency, not consultant-dependency.

We want to help you and your business pave new roads to success in today's changing work environments.